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Default Psx rips collection - 06-10-2010, 03:40 AM


What are PSX Rips?
Rips are official PLAYSTATION game releases that have been hacked or reduced in size and content.

  • Extremely reduce download size.
  • Good way to preview games.
  • Good for slow internet connections who wish to download and play asap.

  • Most of the time, won't have any FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences.
  • Some play options will be disabled in some rips.
  • Other elements such as music may be removed as well (some).

Special note:
Don't let the small download size fool you, these have been greatly compressed. For example: A1 Racing (5M uncompresses to over 100MB.

For use with:
  • PSX with modchip
  • PSX emulator

Download: (Extract using 7zip)

A1 Racing (NTSC-U) (5MB) - RIP

A Train (NTSC-U) (6.5MB) - RIP

Ace Combat 2 (NTSC-U) (20MB) - RIP

Ace Combat 3 (PAL) (17MB) - RIP

Actual Golf 3 (PAL) (17MB) - RIP

Agent Armstrong (NTSC-J) (RIP) (8MB)

Air Combat (NTSC-U) (7MB) - RIP

Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis (PAL) (9MB) - RIP

Aqua GT (PAL) (8MB) - RIP

Assault Retribution (NTSC-U) (5MB) - RIP

ATV Racer (PAL) (4MB) - RIP

Auto Destruct (NTSC-U) (3.5MB) - RIP

B-Movie (Pal-G) (15mb) (RIP)

Baldy Land (NTSC-J) (4.35M)-RIP

Batman Forever - The Arcade Game (RIP) - NTSC-U (10MB)

BeyBlade (NTSC-U) (4MB) - RIP

Billiard 1500 series (NTSC-U) - (5.3MB) - RIP

Blade (PAL-E) (26MB) - RIP

Bogey Dead 6 (NTSC-U) (10MB) - RIP

Breakout (NTSC-U) (5.4mb) - RIP

Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Island (NTSC-U) (3MB) - RIP

Bubble Bobble 2 (PAL) (4MB) - RIP

Burning Road - (NTSC-U) - (5MB) - RIP

C-12 Final Resistance (PAL-E) (16MB) - RIP

Capcom VS Snk Pro (NTSC-U) (49MB) - RIP

Carmagedon (PAL) - (38MB) - RIP

Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night (NTSC-U) (16.3MB) - RIP

Castlevania Chronicles (PAL-E) (7.5MB) - RIP

Command & Conquer (PAL) (2 Discs) (19MB) - RIP

Contender 2 (NTSC-U) (11MB) - RIP

Contra-LOW (NTSC-U) (5MB) - RIP

Contra Adventure (NTSC-U) (8MB) - RIP

Crazy Climber 2000 - (NTSC-J) (3MB)- RIP

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PAL) (22MB) - RIP

Croc 2 (PAL) (36MB) - RIP

CT Special Forces 2 Back To Hell (PAL) (5.6MB) - RIP

CT Special Forces 3 BioTerror (PAL) (6MB) - RIP

Death Wing (NTSC-J) (5MB) - RIP

Deception 3 (NTSC-U) (30MB) - RIP

Delta Force U.W. (NTSC-U) (15MB) - RIP

Digimon Card Battle (NTSC-U) (29MB) - RIP

Disney A Bug's Life (NTSC-U) (18MB) - RIP

Disney Aladin NR (NTSC-U) (21MB) - RIP

Disney Hercules (PAL) (21MB) - RIP

Disney Tarzan (PAL) (15MB) - RIP

Donpachi (NTSC-J) (6MB) - RIP

Dodonpachi (NTSC-J) (8MB) - RIP

Double Dragon (NTSC-J) (10MB) - RIP

Ehrgiez (NTSC-U) (22.5MB) - RIP

Einhander (NTSC-U) (12M) - RIP

Elemental Gearbolt (NTSC-U) (7MB) - RIP

Family Game Pack (NTSC-U) (5.6MB) - RIP

FIFA 2000 (NTSC-U) (12Mb) - RIP

FIFA 2005 (PAL-E) (22mb) - RIP

Fighter Maker (REGION N/A) (6mb) - RIP

Fighting Force (REGION N/A) (7.4mb) - RIP

Fighting Force 2 (NTSC-U) (18.4MB) - RIP

Fist Of The North Star (NTSC-J) (36MB) - RIP

Gear Fighter (NTSC-J) (10MB) - RIP

Gekido (NTSC-U) (15MB) - RIP

Gouketuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct 2) (NTSC-J) (18MB) - RIP

Grand Theft Auto 2 (PAL) (6.2MB) - RIP

Grudge Warriors (NTSC-U) (25MB) - RIP

Guilty Gear (NTSC-U) (14MB) - RIP

GunBird/Mobile Light Force (NTSC-U) (5MB) - RIP

Gundam Battle Assault 2 (NTSC-U) (8MB) - RIP

GunGage (NTSC-J) (10MB) - RIP

Hidden & Dangerous (PAL) (18MB) - RIP

Hot Shots Golf (NTSC-U) (20MB) - RIP

Hot Wheel Turbo Racing (NTSC-U) (23MB) - RIP

Internal Section (NTSC-J) (4MB) - RIP

International Karate - (PAL-E) (480kb) - RIP

Inuyasha Feudal Fairy Tale (NTSC-J) (53MB) - RIP

Jimmy White 2 Cueball (NTSC-U) (4.5MB) - RIP

Kensei Sarced Fist (NTSC-U) (14MB) - RIP

Kidou Butouden G Gundam (NTSC-J) (6MB) - RIP

Kidou Senki Gundam W (NTSC-J) (6MB) - RIP

Knockout Kings 2001 [PAL] (42MB) - RIP

Kula World (PAL) (4MB) - RIP

Leathal Enforcer 1 & 2 (NTSC-U) (18.7MB) - RIP

Lode Runner (NTSC-U) (5MB) - RIP

Lomax, The Adventures of - (PAL) (24MB) - RIP

Love And Destroy (NTSC-J) - (15MB) - RIP

Macros Do You Remember Love (NTSC-J) (2 Discs) (16MB) - RIP

Macross Plus (NTSC-J) (9MB) -RIP

Macross VF-X 2 (NTSC-J) (15MB) - RIP

Mad Stalker Full Metal Force (NTSC-J) (3.2MB) - RIP

Magic Beast Warriors (NTSC-J) (8MB) - RIP

MediEvil (PAL-E) (16MB) - RIP

Mega Man 8 (NTSC-U) (13MB) - RIP

Megaman Battle & Chase - (PAL) - (11MB) - RIP

Megaman Legend (NTSC-U) (18MB) - RIP

Megaman Legend 2 (NTSC-U) (30MB) - RIP

Megaman X4 (NTSC-U) (9MB) - RIP

Megaman X5 (NTSC-U) (12MB) - RIP

Megaman X6 (NTSC-U) (17MB) - RIP

Metal Slug X (NTSC-U) (MB) - RIP

Mickey's Wild Adventure - (PAL)[E] (12MB) - RIP

Miracle Space Race (PAL) (34MB) - RIP

Monaco GP RS2 (NTSC-U) (24MB) - RIP

Mortal Kombat 4 (PAL) (10MB) - RIP

Mortal Kombat Special Force (NTSC-U) (7MB) - RIP

Motor Racer (NTSC-U) (13MB) - RIP

Motor Racer 2 (NTSC-U) (11MB) - RIP

Motor Racer World Tour (PAL) (21MB) - RIP

credits to orig uploader

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Default Re: Psx rips collection - 06-29-2010, 08:20 AM

PWedE MAg aSk mAY Tales of Destiny english ver pohg bah kaU????


Last edited by MizUhO-cHaN; 06-29-2010 at 08:31 AM.
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